Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How To Make A Customer Delighted?

A delighted customer differs from a satisfied customer in many ways.
Satisfaction comes when the customer’s expectations are fulfilled, while delight tales plan from something unexpected. Call center services should exceed average level of customer satisfaction to preserve customers as well as attract fresh ones. It could be done anytime and everywhere, hotel, restaurant, hospital, store or even a customer care call center. For the inbound call centers, there are more chances of going beyond clients’ expectations. Do this by truly taking care for the customers. In telemarketing services, be easy in your approach. Don’t simply opt for selling a product or service, but try to provide the customers with proper solutions. You need to understand customer’s need and provide him or her with the best possible solution. If you get complaints, react optimistically and promptly and also thank them for calling you. Be in touch with your clients and check whether the service or product, they have purchased from you are good.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Market research and survey by BPOs

Any well-known call center service provider these days offer quality market research and market survey services. This is directed to gather as much information as possible.

Coming to what all you can gather from a typical market intelligence service:

• To collect information and data
• To get acquainted with the latest market trends and developments
• To know the customer tastes and preferences
• To collect customer feedback, this is done through customer satisfaction surveys
Why do you need market surveys and research at all?

• Information and data are important for maintaining a valid database. In today’s time a valid database is pretty significant in carrying out business particularly conducting the direct and indirect marketing campaigns. With a database at hand identifying and setting the target becomes easier. Call centers have the technical support to procure and maintain flawless data.
• Keeping a track of the latest market trends and developments is important. Modern day market tests on your innovative skills. The success of your business to quite some extent depends on adaptability skills, the ability to changes and on the ability to upgrade.
• Knowing the customers taste and preferences is a must. Why? So that the business can present rather offer its products and services exactly the way in which the buyers want.
• Collecting customers’ feedback is important. Based on such info the future marketing and other business strategies are decided upon.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Lead Management Software for Businesses that Want Leads to Rain

When businesses want leads to rain, they must make efforts in using software for lead generation and lead management. There are a number of factors that businesses must think about, and it is best to hire the services of a lead generation call center, so that leads can be generated fast and are of the highest quality. The software used by the b2b lead generation companies should be one that is customizable, so that it well fits the unique needs of the businesses and their customer relationship management (CRM) needs.

Lead generation contact centers use software that is flexible enough to accumulate data on the prospects and then respond to lead information in a manner that is sensible for the businesses and organizations. The lead management software provides all comprehensive solutions to the businesses; the b2b lead generation software is used to best fit the needs of the businesses and for this the staff strength of the call center is first measured, as well as the structure to account for the many software access points.

The lead panel is also designed by the lead generation call center, so that the software can incorporate any unique functionality requirement of the business. The software also helps to optimize the core functions for the main website of the client and also his/her micro sites. The use of the lead panel is also notified to the businesses by the call centers; the training is also imparted to the new agents who join the center. The lead panel can be modified according to the changing needs of the businesses.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Software for Tracking and Managing Leads

A business always look for ways to increase their sales, customer base and return on investment (ROI); for this to happen, it is crucial to integrate the efforts that go into lead generation. The businesses hire call centers for generating qualified leads in good numbers, and the lead generation contact centers in turn use advanced software to help them do this. The software helps to drive a huge number of visitors to the client’s website, land page submissions, as well as gain leads to through emails and other efforts.

The lead management software used by the outbound call centers track the sales leads all through the sales cycle from lead generation all the way to closing the sales. The software helps the businesses understand what efforts are working, and which kind of customers are usually buying with a click of the mouse.

The software can also be used by the call centers for automating the lead management procedure, and for this the task management and workflow automation activities work greatly. The right software for tracking and managing leads helps a company make a lot of sales to a huge number of people in a short time. The software enables to capture leads, track them and also follow them up, helping the sales and profits of the businesses boost up. The online lead tracking and lead management software has to be one that is user-friendly, so that the agents do not take a long time in learning how it has to be used.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Telemarketing Still Works

If you think that telemarketing services are not being sought by the businesses any more, you are wrong. The telemarketing call center companies are still in vogue; if telemarketing activities are handled using the right techniques and armed with advanced software, it can benefit the businesses to a great extent. The advanced software helps the agents at the contact centers make a lot of calls in a short time. It is known that the more calls the agents are able to make, the better opportunities they have for convincing the customers to make a purchase from the businesses.

The telemarketing call center agents use auto dialers and predictive dialers and several other technologies for offering high quality services to the businesses. With these tools at hand, the agents are able to make calls to the prospects that respond, and make many calls on an hourly basis. The technologies help the agents know which prospects can be called for cold calling and telemarketing. The agents do not have to waste time in calls which go unanswered. These technologies enable the agents to spend time on calls to which the customers have answered.

Telemarketing is a great way to educate the prospects on the uses of the products and services that are offered by the business. The telemarketing companies must make sure that they utilize all the technologies and software appropriately; this helps the telemarketing process to click. Otherwise, telemarketers are considered by the customers to be annoying individuals and a waste of time.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Appointment Setting in Contact Centers

Appointment setting is a non-core business activity for conducting which businesses hire call center services. The agents offering this service make calls to as many consumers as possible and try to transform those consumers into prospects for the business. The aim of the agents at the contact center call center is to convince the consumers into setting an appointment with a representative from the business or a sales person. This is quite a challenging role, as usually consumers are not interested in taking calls from businesses when they are not expecting them.

The appointment setting call center services make cold calls with the help of predictive dialer and auto dialer systems at the contact centers. These technologies help them to make several calls to different contacts in a short time, which is not possible when done manually. The dialer systems also help to transform only the calls that have been responded to by the consumers; this way the agents are in better position to get them heard.

The skills that cold calling specialists or appointment setting agents in call center services must have include friendliness, perseverance, as well as persuasiveness in the right way. Objections from the consumers must be handled by the contact center call center agents in an effective fashion. Appointment setting when done the right way can generate a good number of hot leads.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reducing Call Center Shrinkage

There are many organizations that do not realize the worth of shrinkage and also tend to underestimate the sheer volume of shrinkage. The offshore call centers must make sure that the shrinkage is decreased to considerable extents in the contact center companies. It would be better if the outsourcing call center agents can come up with ideas on enhancing the scheduling and forecasting accuracy taking care to include all operations in the schedule. The call scheduling involves managing well all the time that is spent in breaks and lunch, meetings, training, absenteeism, correspondence, research, inbound and outbound calls, emails, and other unproductive time spent in the work place.

The outsourcing call center managers must also monitor the way agents adhere to the schedule and must work together with the agents to improve over time. The managers must take the initiative to monitor the schedule adherence levels in real time and then run the reports as well as share the reports with the entire outsourcing call center team members. When the contact center managers and supervisors can ensure that the agents are adhering to the schedules and everything is being done to make sure that the call center operations are of high quality, and then it can be ensured that the contact center shrinkage is reduced to a considerable extent.

The managers must try to incorporate flexible shifts in the center, so that the agents get a chance to bid for shifts after knowing each other’s shift timings. This will help them adhere to the schedule better.