Monday, June 20, 2011

The Concept of Self-service at Call Centers

The use of self-service at the call centers is a growing phenomenon. In this mode of call center services, the consumer makes use of the automated services to get their issues resolved without talking to the inbound call center agents. The use of these automated services, like the IVRS, is helpful for the consumers because they can save a lot of time when they dial up. The callers can easily get to what they are looking for and there is no time wasted in the process of filling out information with the agents.
For the call center as well, the use of self-service will be crucial to streamline the processes and also cut down on costs. If an automated answering service is deployed, the call centers can cut down on deploying manpower for the phone lines. The inbound call center will be able to attend and respond to more calls in the process. Because the whole process will be computer-generated, there will be little room for error. Of course, the customer service call center must provide the caller with an option to speak with a live voice anytime during the course of the call.